We have introduced a pair of Site Accelerator Tools in the Control Panel to enable you to very easily improve the online operation of your sites. You won’t have to alter anything at all with the backend code or make special configurations that demand tech expertise on your part. Inside the Control Panel, merely decide on the application you wish to implement – Memcached, Node.js and Varnish and create an instance for it. It is all completed with a click. By quickening your websites, you’ll not just stop your clients from needing to wait but will also make your site climb high in search engine results.

You will find the Site Accelerator Tools inside the Advanced Resources area of your Control Panel.


RAM–saving instead of data base calls

The Memcached platform is designed for raising website streaming rates by storing the database data that is inquired by your visitors. It is a strong distributed memory caching system, allowing for data and objects to be memorized in the RAM as an alternative for being querried whenever a user opens a website.

This system is good for your data–base–loaded sites or web apps in which your web visitors dedicate lots of time surfing around and also reading content. Memcached is located in the advanced resources section of the Control Panel.

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RAM–caching rather than HTTP queries

In case you have content–heavy dynamic websites with many different pictures as well as online videos, you will without a doubt have to ensure that your pages stream fast for the visitors. A good tool you can utilize is the Varnish HTTP acceleration application that will help you speed up your websites without requesting you to possess any special technical competencies.

Varnish caches all queries to the web server within the server RAM and ships the pages swiftly to the customer by making unnecessary new queries to the web server. That way, all web pages on your web site will be opened 300 – 1000x times more speedily for your customers. Additionally, you can select if the arriving calls will be handled by Varnish, or by the web server, and so on.

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For constructing fast and then flexible web apps

Web programmers can make use of Node.js for the purpose of making all sorts of top–notch and affordable applications such as market statistics, live web applications and content management systems, only to mention a few. It truly is super fast and flexible and is powered by an enthusiastic online community that is constantly promoting and supporting it.

Node.js is founded on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and takes advantage of an event–based, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes its API accommodating and upgradeable. This specific modern system allows for web developers to fast build top rated web apps only using one language.

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